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Questions, Questions, Questions.

At DLD we have discovered that many people are filled with questions about Invested Ministry. Most of those questions are not about the information delivered in our trainings and seminars. They are almost always exclusively focused on "How can we do this?"

Enter the DLD Consulting Services On-Site or Online.

Invested Ministry and Authentic Christian Community and Life can, at best, only be motivated from a seminar or online training. Our consulting services are designed to give you a personal touch in learning how to live in authentic community through Invested Ministry. We also provide consulting services for organizations involved in ministry with youth and young adults who want to move toward a more Invested Ministry model. 

At DLD our consulting process is so much more than an expert with a head full of information and ideas.

Consulting carries a connotation of professional interactions. At DLD this service actually takes on more of a coaching environment than a traditional consulting environment. DLD's consultants are people with a heart filled with a God-given desire to help you and your organization become all God has called it to be. They are people with Invested Ministry at the heart of their lives. 

Whether you ask us to help you develop authentic christian community through Invested Ministry on-site or online, you can be assured you will find our approach helpful and focused on people not ideas. The attention of this process will be on you, not us. Both venues are designed to help bring transformation into a group through personal transformation in the lives and ministry of both the group's members and the group's leadership. You can be assured your DLD consultant will be invested in you and your group as much as he will challenge you to be invested in each other.

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