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As creatures created in the image of God we are internally "wired" for community. However, too often community has been designed around pot-luck meals, interest groups and sports. Even many of our attempts at small groups simply become one more time to study and pray. Now study and prayer are great! But community is based on so much more. Community is based on transformational growth through living life together.

Community is not just what we do to or for each other. It is even more than what we say to each other. It must be based on who we are with each other. Take the picture of the early church in Acts chapter 2. No one gave them a pattern to follow. They sacrificially gave of what they had to help meet each other’s needs. They did not do this because it said to do it in the Bible. Their expression of community was authentic. It grew out of an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ. They were his disciples. He emptied himself—they emptied themselves. He became a servant—they became a servant. He identified with us in the midst of our sin—they identified with each other and others despite the sin. He sacrificially gave himself so we could live in relationship with God—they sacrificially gave of themselves to help each other live and grow in that relationship.

What they did was the natural result of one thing. What they spoke to each other was the natural result of one thing. Most importantly who they were with each other was a natural result of one thing. They took up their cross and followed Jesus. It happened because of the Holy influence, the person of God, The Spirit who drove them to live that way.

Dynamic Community Development is designed to bring that kind of community back into the church. It does not focus on doing the right things. It focuses a group of Jesus followers on helping each other become all they can become in Jesus. It is each person taking on a pastoral, teaching and evangelism role in their relationship with those around them. It is focused on people taking up the challenge to take up the task of ministry. It focuses leaders on enabling each follower of Jesus to become a minister of the gospel. Leaders enable each one to minister to others in the group and the community around them. It leaves the idea of professional ministers in the dust.

It moves us all into a life focused on God’s Kingdom and Righteousness being established in our lives. It moves us all into a life focused on God’s Kingdom and Righteousness being established in the lives of others. It focuses this on others in the church and in the community surrounding us. 

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