Dynamic Life Development provides services in two major categories. The first category includes services designed to help individuals, churches and faith-based organizations develop an Invested Ministry approach to community, discipleship and outreach. The second category includes direct services to youth and young adults. Some of the second category services are provided directly by DLD staff. Others are ministry models based on Invested Ministry. These models can be used by individuals, churches or youth and young adult serving organizations.

In the next two columns you will find a brief description of all DLD services. Each service is explained in deeper detail on a separate page. To find these pages use the navigation bar, click on the picture in the carousel above or click on the service title in the next two columns.

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Services To Develop An Understand & Implimentation of Invested Ministry

Live Training & Seminars

Dynamic Life Development staff will come and provide live training on Invested Ministry and a variety of topics relating to community, discipleship, outreach and youth ministry.

Dynamic Community Development 

This model based on Invested Ministry helps churches bring new life and vitality to discipleship and outreach. 

Consulting Services

DLD staff are available to consult with individuals, churches or youth/young adult serving organizations on how to implement Invested Ministry. This can include either consultation on a DLD model or to help develop a customized approach to fit any ministry situation. Consulting is available on site or online. 

Online Training On Invested Ministry

DLD is constantly developing online training on the subjects of Invested Ministry and how it effects community, discipleship, outreach and youth/young adult ministry. 

Direct Services To Youth And Young Adults

Life Quest: The Expedition Begins  

(The Seminar)

LQ is an intensive, locally held, weekend seminar focused on helping 16-27 year old youth and young adults develop an honest accurate self image. It is also designed to help them develop purpose and direction in life integrated into a strategic plan for their future. This is also a stepping stone to bring a more invested ministry approach to congregational youth ministry. LQ is presented by DLD staff and is available throughout the US. 

Youth Coaching Plus

Coaching, specialized training, profiles and an unique Life Growth Survey are used to help youth and young adults propel themselves forward with passion and purpose. DLD staff provides these services in specific areas. YC+ is also available as a youth growth program through a certification process for individuals or organizations. 

Juvenile Justice Services

JJS is an unique approach to motivating youth and young adults who have been incarcerated. This program can be coupled with Youth Coaching Plus to provided follow up when young people are released back to the community. When done within the context of a congregational community focused on Invested Ministry this program is a transformational powerhouse for troubled youth.