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A Unique Survey of a Clients Strengths and Challenges in Seven Arenas of Life

  • Self Image

  • Positive Relationship Skills

  • Spiritual Growth/Moral Development

  • Academic Advancement

  • Economic Stability

  • Community Involvement and Investment

  • Basic Health and Safety Issues


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Youth Coaching Plus is one of Dynamic Life Development's direct connections with youth between the ages of 16 and 27. YC+ is designed to help each youth discover and pursue their God-given purpose in life. Coaching, Mentoring, Training, Life Planning and specific Assessments are all a part of this intensive long-term adventure. Through YC+ adults invest their lives in these youth as the youth propel themselves forward with passion and purpose.

Local Services 

Simple Coaching Plan

This plan focuses only on specific areas of personal development predetermined by the individual client. This process will include the following:
• Up to 90 minutes of face to face weekly meetings with the coach.
• Limit of 3 client initiated contacts through phone, text or email each week.
• Specific tools and/or assessments as well as books and manuals will be purchased by the client as needed. These will include a review fee for the time taken by the coach to review the results.

Intensive Coaching/Training Plan

This is an intensive relational approach to help each youth discover and understand the following areas of their life while they propel themselves forward toward success:

  • Their basic personality type and approach to life

  • Their innate strengths

  • Their individual pool of talents

  • Their potential purpose and vocational interests and aptitudes

  • Their unique strengths and challenges in seven areas of life development and maturity

The discovery and understanding of these areas are focused around the development and implementation of a life plan based on their present and future purposes and vocational direction. The youth coach/trainer assists them as they take personal responsibility for their development of a strong foundation based around seven areas of growth. These include Self Image, Positive Relationship Skills, Spiritual and Moral Development, Academic Advancement, Economic Stability, Community Involvement and Investment and Basic Health and Safety Needs. This youth coaching and training process will include (but not be limited to) the following specific tools:

  • Up to three hours of face to face weekly meetings with their personal coach/trainer.

  • Up to 9 client initiated contacts each week with their personal coach/trainer through email, texting or phone conversations.

  • At least two weekly follow-up phone calls between meetings from their personal coach/trainer.

  • A personality assessment.

  • A strength assessment.

  • An occupational interest/aptitude assessment.

  • A complete assessment of their strengths in each of the seven growth areas at the beginning and periodically throughout their journey in order to record progress.

  • A unique set of tools to develop a written life plan.

  • All materials necessary to grow in the above seven growth areas including books and manuals.

  • Group training sessions when available.

  • A mentoring partner when available and appropriate.

For more information, coach availability and pricing please contact Dynamic Life Development. 

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Remote Services 

Many of the services available for in person coaching can be made available remotely making use of Skype and/or Google Hangouts. Please contact us using the button above for more information on how we can help. Out goal is to help youth and young adults propel themselves forward with purpose and passion!

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