Why Support Dynamic Life Development?



Monthly Donation Options

"I really need you to help me move forward in my life but my family cannot afford to pay anything for your help!"


Every day I hear comments like that one. The truth of the matter is we never turn a youth or young adult down who sincerely desires help--Never Have--Never Will!


That is why we need your support. Providing scholarships for many of the young people we work with is a normal occurrence for us. This is true even when we do not have funds to cover the cost. Many times we take the money out of our personal pockets. 

We do that because we believe in these kids!

We do that because we believe in the mission God has given us! 

So how about you?

Would you consider making a contribution to our youth and young adults we serve?

I only wish you could see their eyes when I tell them someone like you cares enough for them to cover our costs in helping them propel themselves forward in life--and maybe even meet the God that makes LIFE WORTH LIVING!


Monthly Donation Options